Our passion and enthusiasm for our work along with our sincere desire for client satisfaction is paramount.  At iAD Architects we truly believe that we are instruments of service and that our responsibility is to the life, safety and welfare of the clients we serve and the individuals that visit, work and play in facilities that we create with our clients, not simply, for our clients.

We recognize that no one will know how a building, a department, or function of an individual office will work, better than those who own and occupy that space.  To this end, we actively seek the input and knowledge of our clients and hope to lend our education and professional experience in architecture to work with them to arrive at a design, budget and timeline solution that exceeds their expectations.  

We are proud to maintain a full service, professional architectural office with good working relationships with qualified professional consultants and contractors.

We enjoy our role as a provider of service and work intently on behalf of our Clients for what is in the best interest for their needs as well as the overall project.