Port Freeport Administration Building

A new three-story 20,000 sq. ft. Administration Building for Port Freeport ocated in Freeport, Texas.  The entire facility is a tilt-wall panel building that compliments the Port's Emergency Operations Center located near the main entry gate to Port Freeport.  The first floor consists of the board room, board support spaces and associated public meeting accommodations.  The second floor includes office space for accounting, engineering departments and other staff support functions.  The third floor includes offices for executive staff, business development and other staff support functions as well as an area for future expansion.

The overall stie design accommodates pedestrian and vehicular traffic, public and emergency vehicle access, as well as areas for future expansion.  The facility is positioned on the site to allow for the majority of office space to have direct views of Port Freeport property including their cranes and laydown areas.