We believe that the Client/User of a space is the best source of information regarding his/her space.  We start all projects by listening to our clients and learning about their needs.  Secondly, we introduce dialogue that generates additional questions and in turn, produces answers which more clearly define the goals of the project.  Next, we offer our professional experiences for consideration as Owner and Architect create a series of design guidelines that serve as benchmarks and reference points in the following design process.

We choose to design projects with our Clients, not simply for them.  A successful Architect works with the Client to meet the goals of the Client, not the aspirations of the Designer/Architect.  At this point, the entire design team draws from the collaborative guidelines previously created with the Client in considering architectural vernacular, materials, interior finishes, building systems, overall aesthetics and sustainability.

Work - Communicate - Produce - Execute  
We work in a progressive and linear manner throughout the design process.  It is a directional process, and although Client reviews are built in at the end of each design phase, Client input is always welcomed at any point in time.